Initiative for the Prolongation of Earth Days to 30 Hours

For the longest time, geeks everywhere have suffered from sleep depravation because when they went to bed after a long day's work, they soon enough had to get up to do the next day's tasks. This is an abomination and should be changed! We petition to the personnel responsible to slow the spin velocity of the globe by one quarter so that the day lasts as long as we biologically need it in order to get the sleep we deserve.

New! Get the T-Shirt

For a while you could buy shirts with the designs, for historic purposes:

If we can't get more hours today, at least we can proudly display our neverending fight for the cause - with a T-shirt. See the shop for T-shirt designs. New: globe design (submitted to the shirtcity contest, feel free to vote ;))

tee mond westbahnhof

signed, Alexander diagram for inserting the additional hours

Research Link: sample

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